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Our Programs | Welcome to Canoga Park
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Our Programs

Our program is designed to meet the needs of children from 2-6 years of age. Children are placed by developmental levels rather than age within the guidelines of our program. Each level encompasses:

* Large and Small Motor Muscle Development
* Eye Hand Coordination
* Balance and Physical Development
* Sequential Learning
* Psychological and Emotional Development
* Social Skills

Teachers weave music, painting with various media, writing, story telling, poetry, pre-math and reading skills, dramatic play, and body movement into each week’s planned activities.

Each room is equipped with computers and programs that are fun as well as developmentally appropriate. Table toys, educational games, and manipulatives are also an important part of our program.


Our pre-school environment is designed to meet the needs of children in the manipulative stage of development. This is an important stage in the life of all children where they learn mastery of themselves and their surroundings. Our goal is to support their efforts in a warm and nurturing environment.
Teachers assist children with language development, socialization, and independence. Children make discoveries everyday as they explore the world around them through planned hands-on experiences.
Lesson plans are themed based and include exposure to early learning experiences with; letters, numbers, shapes, colors, sounds and fun filled activities.


At Canoga Park Pre-School¬†and Kindergarten we know a well designed Pre-K program is essential to a child’s future academic success. That’s why our program provides them with an engaging introduction to formal learning. We strongly believe that children learn best in a safe encouraging environment, one that is both interesting and fun.

Reading and math concepts are introduced using the very best programs for developing these necessary foundational skills. We use the phonics program “Sing, Spell, Read & Write” and Kumon phonics series to prepare them for reading. This system allows children to use visual and auditory cues to learn letter sounds. In math we use the Kumon math series to supplement our pre-math program.

Social skills are also important as children need the ability to work and play with others from a variety of cultures. In addition we mix in Science, Social Studies, arts-n-crafts, computers, and a wonderful play ground.

Homework packs are available too so that you can enjoy a learning activity with your child. Most import, we believe in making learning an enjoyable experience.


Our Kindergarten program supports excellence in learning from the start. Children enrolled in our center’s Kindergarten program are prepared for academic success using a broad spectrum of tools. Our teachers assist children to become confident readers and problem solvers. Our core reading program is “Sing, Spell, Read & Write” and Modern Curriculum Press Phonics Series. This wonderful phonics program keeps children interested as they master letter sounds and decoding skills. Most children are reading at primer or preprimary levels before they leave us for 1st grade. Some children are ready for more and our program expands to meet their abilities. The Harcourt Math program we use assists children to quantify numbers and provides fun-filled lessons that teach graphing, addition, subtractions, sorting, and comparisons along with telling time and money values. Also an important part of kindergarten is Social Studies, Science, Computers, and just plain fun. Class sizes are kept small to allow for lots of individualized attention, we maintain a maximum 12:1 ratio.

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